Topography adjusting points



Hey guys,

I had to adjust to topography a my project. All the points had to be lowered by 200.

Getting the points, adjusting the z-values was no problem. Putting those new point values back to the original topo was though … I ended up with creating a new topo based upon the new point values.

I have to remove the old topograhpy and therefor all my buildingpads are deleted as well.

Is there a way to adjust the points of a topography?


A screenshot of your graph would help to quickly see what this issue is about. Did you also see what’s in this conversation?


I haven’t tried it, but there seems to be a Revit API method for this:


@Yna_Db see attached. Topograhpy by points creates a new topo and that’s what I currently have. But this doesn’t change the current topography.

@Einar_Raknes hmm interesting, will have a look at that.


There is some additional information about “Editing a TopographySurface” in pages 68-70 of this document


Not sure if this is still the case but last time it was not possible to edit a topo from within Dynamo:


May have to read the building pads and recreate those as well. I’d consider storing their points in a CSV so you don’t have to chase your tail too much.