Selecting specific list from list

Hi All,

I’m an intermediate user and am just getting into deeper list management in Dynamo. Im advanced in Grasshopper (at least for tree creation / management) and am just starting to realize that DY isn’t quite working the same way as GH.

I have an Excel list with hundreds of points to be used for an a 4-pt panel adaptive component. I have structured it by columns to be:

[0] Panel number (0,1, … n)
[1] Panel type (currently all the same, so “1”)
[2] Point x-coord
[3] Point y-coord
[4] Point z-coord

The intent is to extract the x/y/z to create point by coords. However I’m lost as to how to manage the extraction properly. The index is giving me the first tree-branch’s value rather than a list of the sub-values, if that makes sense. Snap below. What I’m trying to get is a new list keeping the integrity of the point identifier associated to each point coordinate. Any help is much appreciated (I assume this is just a growing pain for moving from GH to DY).

Further, if anyone has a good resource of how to interpret DY commands from a GH user, that would be very welcome as well.


Update Dynamo and use levels :smiley:
You can also use
connect list.getItemAtIndex to f(x) - to second input
connect watch on the left to first input
leave first input (list) in GetAtIndex empty

Tomasz, thank you, that worked exactly as expected. I also checked out the levels you mentioned and that looks much closer to way I think about data trees - I will have to get our dynamo updated!

I’ve been able to get all the points together for the panels, however for some reason I cannot create them now. I am getting the warning:

Can’t make type “Rectangle : [family name]”

I have no idea what this means; the panels are grouped fine and are receiving their points in the same order as from the GH output that I’ve created.

Even trying to take a smaller sample of 5-10 panels doesn’t seem to be producing the desired results.