List Manipulation

I’m trying to do 2 different things which I assumed would be easy but am having difficulty configuring such a sequence in Dynamo.

The input in a list of points from a divided surface and I am trying to1) develop a sequence to take them from the list of points and then 2) map that list to the list of points so that I end up with sub-lists which make up smaller polygons of the main surface to be manipulated further in the project. I imagine this is rather easy to do with straight python code (which I don’t have any deep knowledge of) of a particular configuration of nodes. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do…
You want to group certain points by their index to form sublists? Are your sequences supposed to overlap?

Yes. That’s right. I want to map certain points by their index to sublists. They are suppose to overlap as the same point will represent several different polygons corners.

Try GetItemAtIndex. You may have to change the lacing or use list levels.

I’ve been using Get.Itematindex but am not sure how to feed it sublists nor make the original table of numbers. If feeding get.itematindex sub-lists, will it also output sublists. It’s interesting that I achieved to get the table of numbers and get the points in the order I wanted very quickly in Mathematica, I’m pretty sure the same operations can be configured purely in dynamo.

So you want to panelize the surface? Have you looked into the lunchbox and/or clockwork packages for this?

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I haven’t searched for “panelize” but I’m pretty sure the original points were from the lunchbox divide surface node. The outputted list needed to be further processed as far as I can tell, as it only gave the intersection points, not the points for each polygon of the divided surface. I’m away from Dynamo at the moment.

Solved: Panel.PanelQuad from lunch box. Still have to do some further list manipulation but much quicker then generating the lists myself.



This might help in list management for panels

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