Nested list management problem



Beginning with Dynamo i’m stuck trying to access data in a nested list.

I have a nested list structured this way :

8 main lists, each list with 12 lists inside, then 5 lists inside and 4 points inside each. I’m trying to reach each point referred at index 0 at the end of the nested lists. In Grasshopper I’ll did this with a list item component, but as the GetItemAtIndex works “like” a Grasshopper Branch component I don’t understand how to manage this, I checked the Dynamo Primer but I don’t find any solution even with the List.Combine component, that I may not be using properly.


Thanks in advance !



See image below for two ways to do this. It just depends whether you want to preserve the list structure or not on how you do it…

Get all Index Zeros


You can also use codeblocks and replication guides for achieving this. Just add one “<x>” pr level in your list.



Thanks again for helping, both methods are working properly :slight_smile: