Basic Get Item Question

So I am new to dynamo but have worked quite a bit in grasshopper. I am trying to understand how lists work in dynamo. In the dynamo primer it states that “Dynamo employs a top-down hierarchy” and so inputting an index value of “0” only gives you the first list not the 0 index of all the list. Ok, so how do I get the “0” index of all the list?

Second question: How do I get the value with inside a list for example [0][1]?


Ahh. Answer to the first question

. Use Cross-product Lacing to get index at each list. Now how do I get a specific item inside a nested list?





Try using List.Map instead of the CrossProduct lacing. It solves both questions…



I as well came from grasshopper and am still newish to Dynamo. Was not a fan of how the lists were manipulated but getting use to it now. See many examples below. Let me know if you have any question.

List map allows you to take the function of another node and apple it to the first level of sublist. If you chain multiple List.Maps together you will got one sublist further in per List.Map