Selecting Conduits in an Area

Hey guys,

Fairly new to Dynamo but I am trying to build a conduit rack tag that basically tells you what elevation the strut is at and then tell you how many conduits and the sizes of those conduits on the rack.

I am assuming that you would have to do a selection based on the selected element of the tag. Do like a 2" radius around the strut that would select all the conduits and then list them out.

I am having trouble figuring this out or if this is even possible.

I did something very similar to this. You have to select the conduits on the rack using a selection window, then select the racks that the conduit info should go to. You will need to modify it for your family names and the parameters you want to push to the racks.

Conduit info to hanger.dyn (90.8 KB)


I get what you are saying but the number of conduit changes for every rack. I am in electrical.

I was hoping that you could get it to auto select in a box around the rack.

This is pretty much how I envision it working.

Selects Rack> Auto Selects conduit around rack> ID’s those conduits> Put in tag as parameter


I’m sure its possible to create a bounding box around the hanger and have it grab what conduits are touching it. I tried that originally, but ran into problems managing lists for all the hangers and conduits. I had to get it done, so I went with simple selection boxes.