Automating revit Tag placement based on excel list

Hi, i have been given a new task to complete.

We have a cabling database for our inhouse CORE LAN network cables in the following format which can be exported to excel if needed:

Room Number --> Rack Name --> switch name --> Port Number --> Cable Number

End Point of the Chain.
Port Number --> Patch Panel Name --> Rack Name --> Room Number

my question is: I need to map this visually- basically one line diagram style.

I do this already for NEW projects manually which works well (so all families, tags line styles etc are ready), BUT I need to be able to automate the process for locations that are NOT YET designed in Revit.

can anyone provide or send me any examples of something similar that i can work with?

i have absolutely NO Macro/Dynamo Experience YET …

thanks to everyone - these forums and your experience are great !!