Conduit Selection & Extracting Geometry

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A fairly new Dynamo user here and I am hoping for some guidance on extracting some dimensions out of conduit. I am working on a hanger routine for our conduit racks and I am stumped in how I can possibly select a group of conduits and then have Dynamo find the overall distance from the outside edge of the nearest to the farthest conduit in the selection and then be able take that dimension add 3" to it to populate another parameter in my strut rack. Picture is attached for some clarification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just an update but still having somewhat of the same issue. I am able to get Dynamo to find the conduits in a selection and I can add the extension I want to the selection of conduits, but I am unable to figure out how to translate the length of the line that dynamo draws across the conduit racks into a length that I can then use Element.SetParameterByName, if that makes sense. I am obviously terrible at explaining this. I have a snapshot of my current script and if there is anymore information that I can provide that will help solve this I would be happy to provide it.

I guess I am not getting any responses because I am not explaining this very well, so let me try to break this down a bit better. My ultimate goal is to sort of replicate what Cesare is doing with his hanger script for pipe and make it work with conduit racks. His script is available on another post on here. At this point I have the script finding the bottom of the conduit and aligning a selection to match the bottom of the largest or smallest conduit in the selection based on a true false statement. I have gotten to the point where I can have Dynamo find the distance across the rack, then allow me to add an extension to that overall dimension by telling dynamo the start and endpoint and having dynamo draw a line.Where I am stuck here is how to get that line into a length in feet and inches that I can then populate my “Strut Length” parameter. Hopefully this makes things a bit more clear for everyone. I am totally new to this program so my experience with extracting information out of Geometry with Dynamo is very limited. Any help on this would be really appreciated.

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Thanks Kulkul that worked! I am still figuring out how all of the geometry stuff in Dynamo works. Thanks again for the help on this!