Selecting Callouts by View

Anyone find a clever way to select all of the Revit Callouts associated with a view?

I’m looking for a way to visually distinguish original callouts from callouts that “reference other view”.

I can select the views well enough, but cannot grab the callouts to override the graphics.

Maybe I’m taking the wrong approach entirely…all ideas are welcome.

Referenced Views.dyn (10.6 KB)

Another application of being able to select callouts by view, would be to hide elements in a view.

While putting together record drawings, my users end up having to hide all of the sketch views accumulated during CA individually. I have filters setup in my template, but inevitably my users end up not using it.

I took two approaches with this graph (you’ll see both in the attached file, separately grouped):

  1. Select all views whose “sheet number” parameter contains “SKA” (our denotation for a sketch). Hide in all views whose “sheet number” parameter do not contain “SKA”. I used the Archi-lab_Grimshaw package “View.HideElements” node.

  2. I tried to make the same change but by applying a filter to the views whose sheet number parameter does not contain “SKA”. Whether I crafted the filter from within dynamo, or tried to apply a pre-existing filter from Revit, I could not get it to work this way either.

Per my original post, if I’m able to select callouts associated with a view, I think I’ll be able to solve both graphs.

Find Sketch References2.dyn (44.5 KB)