Select all callouts in a revit file


Is there a way to select all the callouts in a revit file? I have checked the parameters but there is no specific thing that could help. Also reference callouts do not share the parameters with views so I can’t even add something specific like a yes/no parameter.

Hi @daninet

You could filter the views by orientation. Where 2 is “By Callout” .


Hi @Kulkul

Do you have any idea about reference callouts? Those are my main headache, they don’t share parameters with views.


Could drop here your rvt dummy file with just one or 2 callouts.

Here you go :slight_smile:

Project1.rvt (340 KB)

@daninet are you looking for Reference View Name?

No. I want to select all callouts in the project including the reference callouts. But reference callouts does not have any parameter to select them.
Selecting normal callouts can be done in multiple way, one is as you have showed it.

You can use this method to get all the reference views in a specific view.

Hi daninet,
Here is solution?