Select Wall by Type to place on separate workset

I simply want to filter and select walls by Type Name - ie: the wall types desired start with the same 4 letters - .I can select all walls by a single type but I have 20 varying interior wall types and want to filter the walls to select by the Named Type so I get all of the walls that start with the same 4 letters in my overall selection. This will allow me to place all of those wall types on the same workset - Bottom line - which nodes can I use without searching, hunting & pecking through the millions of available nodes to achieve this?

Clockwork Package has an element.type node that should help you.

Did that - My explanation was poor I think - Here is how I imagine Dynamo would think:
Select all walls in a project based on Wall Type Name
ie: they are all named with the same first 4 letters "ABCD"
Perhaps a filter node to select the wall types based on how they were named in conjunction with your approach -
I’m assuming a Code Block is involved as well as Select and Filter node of some type

Ahh I see… If you’re trying to search for a specific name you could use string contains…

Or even … String.Starts with

Using same nodes as your example - I get:

Where the errors are:
“Warning: Asked to Convert non-convertible Types”
and the second two just state “Operation Failed”
Also to note - in the time I have spent on a seemingly simple task - I have manually and 1 by 1 selected each wall type listed in the project and manually placed them on the correct workset…:frowning_face:

I had something simular
closing and opening dynamo (revit) solved it for me.