Select All Walls of Certain Type on Level

Hi All,

Very new to Dynamo.

How do I select all walls of a certain type on a certain level. I’ve been playing around with the selection nodes in Dynamo but not having any luck. Surely it should be a straight forward script to write.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Use filter by boolean mask
Search this forum for filter by boolean and study what you find



Try this:

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Hi Johannes, can i ask for your Dynamo version? i ask becouse i dont have a List.ContainsItem i have only List.contains… can you help me please?

This is my problem :confused: help please


You need to set the lacing.


Or like this:

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thanks so much!

I have an other question
With which Node I can modify the heights of the already selected walls ?

Hi, I believe you need to feed the elements (from the boolmask), not the element types into the SetParameterByName node.

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