Filtering Wall types by Family

I created a graph that collect wall types & thicknesses and exporting to Excel,
i need to filter wall types by family , to get only basic wall family to list ,
how could i do it via python script?
screenshot attached.

you don’t need to do this with python:

it dosnt work with system families like walls.

you can also try to filter elements by name:

I tried this but i got “Warning: String.Contains operation failed.” on both Element.Name and String.Contains nodes.
why is that?

oh thats because of “In place” walls that got null , is there a way to fix that?

Hi @rinag

Use Object.IsNull node after Element.Name node that will give you list of booleans. You can then use FilterByBoolMask node to filter OUT Walls without inplace.

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oh thank u very much!
is there a way to string.contains search for 2 strings?
for example to check if list contain “CN” or “BT”?

Hi all,

There is a YouTube showing how to sort walls by family types.
Dynamo - Sort Walls by Family Types (Basic, Curtain and Stacked Walls)

Hope this is helpful!:slight_smile: