How to select specific model elements

Hello! As I’ve understood it, the Select Model Elements node only works by dragging an area over the elements which means that you can’t click on the elements that you want it to select like you can with Select model Element. I found this to be extremely impractical because you can’t select the model elements that you want to select without other elements also being selected that you don’t want to select.

Example; I want to select some specific lines. If I use Select Model Elements, I can’t select only those lines without also having to select the wall, doors, other lines etc etc.

I guess that I can use a filter to filer out the stuff that I don’t want afterwards but that’s very impractical as well. I can’t understand why they just didn’t make it so you could click on each element that you want to select.

Is there a node that lets you do this or maybe a way to create a script with Python?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @didekalsan !
Select Model Elements By Category allows to pick elements.
Otherwise you can use Springs.SelectElements(ordered) that you can find in the Springs package.

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I use Revit Isolate in View functionality to hide other elements during selection step.

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Hi @Francois_Labonne !

SelectElementsInOrder from the Springs package does the job perfectly!
Thanks for the advice! :smiley:

Yes it’s good in cases where you have don’t have to select that many elements but when you have to select a lot of things that you want to isolate it becomes very tedious. With the node SelectElementsInOrder from the Springs package, the process is a bit smoother because you only have to select the elements once :slight_smile: