Back to dynamo after a 6 month break

So I’m back coding in Dynamo after about a 6 month break from it, getting pretty heavy on lists sorting. I seem to remember, either Rhythm or SpringNodes had a node that allowed you to use Revit’s inherent “pick first” for a selection set instead of the “Select Model Elements” Node.

Am I correct? Can anyone help me remember the node name, and package it is a part of? I was really hoping they had a node for this by now.

Spring nodes has an ordered pick selection and rhythm has a pick model element selection. (Unordered)

Rhythm also has an isolated selection. (By category)

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So neither of them allows for the inherent “Pick First” option. Main reason I’m asking is we use Dyno browser for Revit 2016, and the current “Select Model Elements” simply means the script has to be open and interacted with by our end users, which we really try to avoid. Unfortunately I try to ‘childproof’ all of our routines where ever possible.

I swore one of those plug-ins allowed for pick first, then the script could be executed without being opened.

check out Data-Shapes - the bomb


Looks like a lot of cool utilities for pop ups, but I still don’t see any nodes that replace the “Select Model Elements” node from stock Dynamo for input selection.

I don’t know… UI.SelectModelElements Data looks promising! :wink:

Is this what you want?

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No. I’m looking for something that will pass the selection set to Dynamo from Revit, instead of having to create a selection set from within Dynamo using “Select Model Elements”.

If a script is left in “Automatic” mode, it will process the script from Dynobrowser.

Just wanting to use the default functionality of Revit instead of clicking “select Elements” from Dynamo. Hopefully this makes more sense.

In AutoCAD they called it “Pick First” or Noun-Verb Selection. (Highlight objects, execute command on highlighted objects, vs. Running the command and then Selecting objects.)

Springs.Collector.CurrentSeclection from Springnodes.

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I could NOT remember the node name to save my life, spent half the day yesterday trying to remember it!!!

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