Select Model Elements not working


Using Dynamo, when I place a node Select Model Elements and click “Select”, nothing happens in Revit 16 & Revit 17.2 (I don’t get the usual Multiple/Finish/Cancel buttons) and when I click in the Revit user interface, nothing gets highlighted / selected. It works fine with Select Faces, or Select Model Element.


OOTB “Select Model Elements” node is a crossing window selection. Which means it will not have a finish command on ribbon.

On the other hand, Rhythm’s pick model elements offers this style to you.


Thank you very much John. I used Dynamo a while ago (0.7, 0.8) and I wonder if it was always like that. It seems a bit strange that it works differently than Select Faces for example. Also selecting a region is not always convenient, so you would expect this to be OOTB.

is it correct that rhythm’s node doesn’t work anymore in 2018.2
i am really looking for a selecting tool , to just pick and select multiple elements. and not with a crossing window.

Does anybody have something like this working at the moment

@Arno_De_Lange The node is still functional. What are you seeing? You might want to start another topic if it is too involved.

some how it didn’t work on a not saved model…got it working at the moment.
Thanks for the reply.

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But even after cross-window, nothing seems to be selected. I’m trrying to select a generic floor by model elements but it can’t.

Hi, anyone else facing this issue?? i am also currently facing the same problem…currently using current latest dynamo version on Revit 2018.3…If you happen to find any useful solution for this problem do share it…Thanks in advance…


Was having the same issue. Select Model Element working, but not Elements. Need to drag-select all elements for this node, you can create a pre-selection in Revit and hide to select.

I have the same probelm non of the selection work. The dynamo file is connected to the Revit project but the select dose not work. use revit 2021 dynamo 2.6

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