Select Model Elements not working



Using Dynamo, when I place a node Select Model Elements and click “Select”, nothing happens in Revit 16 & Revit 17.2 (I don’t get the usual Multiple/Finish/Cancel buttons) and when I click in the Revit user interface, nothing gets highlighted / selected. It works fine with Select Faces, or Select Model Element.


OOTB “Select Model Elements” node is a crossing window selection. Which means it will not have a finish command on ribbon.

On the other hand, Rhythm’s pick model elements offers this style to you.


Thank you very much John. I used Dynamo a while ago (0.7, 0.8) and I wonder if it was always like that. It seems a bit strange that it works differently than Select Faces for example. Also selecting a region is not always convenient, so you would expect this to be OOTB.


is it correct that rhythm’s node doesn’t work anymore in 2018.2
i am really looking for a selecting tool , to just pick and select multiple elements. and not with a crossing window.

Does anybody have something like this working at the moment


@Arno_De_Lange The node is still functional. What are you seeing? You might want to start another topic if it is too involved.


some how it didn’t work on a not saved model…got it working at the moment.
Thanks for the reply.