Select Model Elements not working properly

I try to select some model elements with the “Select Model Elements” node.
When I use Automatic I see that the selected objects are directly send to the Watch node I put behind it. That works nice
However, when I use Manually. FIrst I can Select some objects. But the result is not send to the Watch node. Dynamo says that Run has completed. Yes, but there is nothing in it.
When I try to use the Dynamo Player in Revit 2019 it seems it uses the manually setting.

As shown in the image I selected 4 objects in Revit. However the result shows 2 elements. This results in that not all objects will have the updated parameter.

How can I fix this? Or am I doing something stupid

The watch node is refreshed after you hit the Run button in manual mode.
It is showing you the “old” values

Thank you!

That is correct. But when I want to use this in Dynamo Player it shows buggy results.
One time it does what it should do. Another time nothing is updated or just one…
Strange behaviour I think

Next to that, it seems that these “old” values are used. So, the wrong objects will get the updated parameter value. How to deal with that…

Okay, I do understand it now I have to do it like this

  1. First you hit Run
  2. Then you Select the objects
  3. Then you hit Run again

Thanks, Renzo