Select Model Elements Node

Used to be able to select various elements with this node. Just installed the new build released this week, no matter what i try i can’t seem to get the node to select multiple elements. Regular Select Model Element node still works.

Caveat - very new to Dynamo might be user error :slight_smile:

Are you using a crossing fence?

I’ve come across the same issue - using latest version of Dynamo and select elements does not seem to work at all.

+1. Works when selecting individual elements. But when selecting multiple faces and multiple model elements, no go, even if point and click selecting multiple in Revit window or using a crossing window.


Having same issue in Revit 2016 and Dynamo 0.9 Has anyone made progress on this?

Same here. Revit 2016, Dynamo 0.9. “Select Model Elements” node is not working, regardless of the method of selection.

Have you tried disabling run automatically?

Thanks, John. The Select Elements node is working now… kind of… The issue seems to be that the node gets “confused” if I open another project. It does not “refresh” or recognizes that there are 2 projects open, or that I switched to another project; then the node gets lost. Which might be a rule of Dynamo, that the workflow applies to one and only one project, correct?