Data-shapes Selectmodelelements Data does not select the elements


I am having a problem with one of data-shapes nodes for selecting model elements as an input for multipleform input ++ node. It works absolutery fine in revit 2019, but when I run the script in 2020 with the same (the newest) data shape package it doesnt work. Basically I need to select two different elements from view (one is for example a door, and the other one a detail component). I use node Selectmodelelements Data (2x), I create a single list and I plug it into the Multipleinputform ++. The problem is that in Revit 2020 when the dialog box for selecting elements appear, it seams it doesnt select anything. The multipleform is indices are empty.

I dont know if this might be a dynamo core problem or something. Any ideas?

Thank you

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Hi again,

I ve figured it out, somehow the node Selectmodelelements Data had wrong category input spelling inside the custom node. In case someone hase the same issue :slight_smile:

Data shape_error2

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Can you please elaborate on your solution? Running into the same issue in Revit 2022 but it works in all other versions or revit.

Make sure you run the latest version !