Select line objects from a dwg

Very good days.
You see… I am trying to be able to select one or several objects through a pickobject that allows me to select the lines of the dwg file “ImportInstance” I do not need to select the entire layer, only certain lines with which I want to work… I leave a reference image .
If anyone knows a node that allows me to perform the action, I would appreciate it or if it is possible through python code…

The BimorphNodes package has a node for obtaining CAD curve information by Given layer.

Hi @AM3D.BIM.STUDIO try select cad curve from genius loci written in python…


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Thank you very much for responding.
I tried the GeniusLoci node but I have a problem.
The problem is that several lines are selected.
I only want to select 1 or 2 lines but I only want to capture the lines that I have just picked… how could I correct it…?
When I select 1,2 the node returns the color blue, but I only want 1 and 2

it shouldnt…could you share that cad ?

Ejemplo.dwg (47.0 KB)

is it a block ?

i havent tried, not at dynamo, but you probably right the genius node will probably take the blocklines will probably be a polyline i guess so explode…and you could sort them out from there…or insert the cad and try partial explode and just use select model element…probably not the best…or do it in acad itself…i will take a look later

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another way maybe, you could link with bimorph with create modelcurves and select them, depends what it for i would say :wink:

Hi, it’s a block

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yeag seems so…probably something here then :wink:

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I exploited the entire CAD file and imported it back into REVIT but the problem persists.
I only need to obtain the lines that I have selected but it selects several objects.

not sure i understand …in my example i only pick these lines i want and after delete all the model curves isnt that what you are after ?