Convert typical details from autocad to drafting view revit

Have linked all my details in to drafting in Revit already just want to pick all the lines to create detail lines

Using the layer and co-ordinates XYZ etc for autocad

Cheers guys

That’s a big ‘just’.

Look into Bimorph Nodes as a starting point which can read CAD lines by layer name from a CAD object. You can then make detail curves from these using dynamo.

Go attempt a script and share your issues from there to get more help from the forums.

have’nt had much success with bimorph

have the curve and layer key info coming through

but as soon as i try to use the create model curves I get an error

when boolean is set to true
get null for everthing

Model curves aren’t valid in drafting views, set that to false and use the OOTB node to create detail curves afterwards instead.

Hi there,

I’m quite new to dynamo. did someone figure out this script? could that be shared here?

many thanks,

Are you looking to start from scratch and create a drafting view from a dwg or have you gotten to the point of the issue that nathan was having and can’t get past that?


I got to the same point as Nathan and couldn’t fix it. After reviewing with a colleague, we got sorted :slight_smile:

Can you share? kinda went off the project for abit.