Select all Line Pattern by Type and Change Colour in Linked CAD


Our project from hell has 600 linked DWG files (yes 600), across multiple Revit models. I am trying to make the graphic style consistent across all sheets/ models. I’ve been picking up Dynamo over the last few days, so very much a beginner.

I am using Bimorphnodes to change the colour of lines by setting object styles based on layer names. As it would be very time consuming to manually enter each layer name that needs to have its colour changed, I’m aiming to create a script that can select all layers > filter only dashed > change object style colour to red in the respective DWG.

This is what I have so far. Nothing happens when I run it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Each linked DWG has different layers that are “Demolished”, which I would like to show as red dashed line.


If your graph is anything yo go by, the problem is the BimorphNode hasn’t run (node title is light grey). You need to provide the required inputs then it can execute.


Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve given it more inputs, but now it’s returning this error.

The graph runs successfully when manually entering layer names, so I think the problem is with where I’m trying to automatically get and input the layer names.

linePattern input requires an Element type not a string.

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Thanks! I think I’ve got the inputs correct now and Bimorphnodes is running. Now it turns out the layers portion of my graph is incorrect.

How would you filter a list of layer names by their line pattern?