Select Element by Color?

Hi all,

Is there a way to select or filter elements by their color? Specifically, if I’m working with an imported CAD file, and I’ve already filtered through all the elements to only have the circles, is it possible to filter that list (or to filter the element curves higher up in the tree) to only select the ones that are green? Does it have something to do with the Graphics Styles?



Not by color but by line type yes or any of the parameters listed in the top watch node. If the line type came from cad I am guessing it is a particular type of line so should be easy to find. Will have the layer name from CAD and the line type I believe.



Perfect, thanks, Steven!

Ahhh, except that when I select my model element, it selects the entire DWG, not the individual CAD lines? Do I need to import CAD instead of linking in order for that to work?