Select model element error

I have a problem with the select model elements in Dynamo. I am running the honeybee light analysis which requires the surface of the components.
The truth is I can select the component that I want, but the element geometry node has some problem which shows me the selected component into ORIGANCE. Actually, there is no problem with the result of the element geometry node.
But I think it is the reason which made my analysis failed.
Does anyone who had this problem before?

Can you post the dyn and a stripped down rvt?

for some business reason, I am not allowed to post the rvt file. I restart my computer and Revit 2019. still got this problem

I’ve seen problems like this, but they are many and varied. Without the file I can’t really help as it’d be a guessing game which would take us both a few month to work all the way through.

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I see you removed the post where shared the .dyn so myself and potentially others can help. This was on my list of stuff to look into today. Going shopping now instead - if it’s back up then perhaps I’ll have a look tomorrow.

Generally speaking his forum requires the history of posts to be maintained, otherwise instead of helping all users by allowing them to learn from how your work progressed we are only helping you in that moment.

Thank you for this kindly help.

I was trying to find another way to package the dyn file and Revit file together.

I will keep contact until this problem be solved.

Thank you again

error test.rvt (2.6 MB) error test.dyn (103.1 KB)
sorry for this late contact, this is the stripped down rvt file and dyn file.
please take your time, and thank you for your patience and continuous support.
I hope other people could also learn from my case.