Basic question.. how do I select my topo with the "select model elements" node

The button is greyed out and I can’t seem to set the original topography to then run the algorithm. This is my first day playing around and started with copying an existing script to play around with but I can’t seem to get it started.

First off, welcome to the wonderful world of computational design and Dynamo!

The yellow backround on your graph means that you are in the custom node environment which doesn’t really allow for that type of behavior. Copy and paste all of the contents to a new graph and try it in there.

Also I reccomend running the entire Dynamo primer as a first exercise, do any parts that are confusing twice and ask any questions here if you still feel lost as the exercises cover concepts which are very important.

By not doing the primer first you risk missing a lot of stuff that will come In handy down the line - heck I’ve run it like three times now and every time I learn something new. After that you should be ready to try rebuilding a few graphs with functional application to project work, before finally embarking on customizing workflows and new applications no one else has really explored yet.

Thanks! yeah i’ve started going through it. I don’t really know how i started there but yes copying it over seamed to fix that issue… but it turns out the tree i was copying was older so i have more problems, or chances to learn if you will.