Select an element by host parameter

hi all,

i have exterior walls with their orientation on the comment parameter
i’m trying to select windows on those walls and set the same parameter on them

it filters and selects the correct elements but at the end it sets the text on the wrong elements
any idea?


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Could you maybe link your Revit Project and the dynamo file? I think i know what the problem is.

Home.dyn (109.2 KB)

test.rvt (2.8 MB)

Hey i am looking into your file right now but why do you have your nodes frozen?

i was working on something else, you can change it lol

I didnt understand what you did in your code but this makes the Comment parameter of the window show North, East, South or West accordingly to the Wall:

Home Optimized.dyn (57.3 KB)

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the problem is that in dynamo it says it’s changed
but in my revit schedule it’s not

It could be a visual glitch from revit that it is changed but Revit doesnt show it. I have the window schedule here in front of me and it shows all the windows with their correct Comments:


Maybe try reopening Revit/ The window schedule

my graph doesnt work but yours does, i guess it’s the age difference lol

thank you!

In your graph you getting the first 4 windows in the order you placed them.
So you have to check if the window belongs to the wall.