Set wondows parameter from room's number


I’m at beginning with Dynamo so maybe the problem is easy to solve: I would like to set the windows parameter “Comment” in every instance from Number’s room parameter so that the parameter value “Comment” is equal to the value of the parameter of the rooms “Number”. Can you help me?


This is fairly difficult but possible.


Assuming your windows are modeled “correctly”, exterior side of window to exterior of building. (see image) we will be able to flip them to get the room and assign the comments.
























You can download this node on Ayuda on the package manager.

And here’s a video of it in action.

Hi Luigi,

Here is another method using custom node “Tools.GetSurroundingElements” from Steam nodes package. First you need to collect windows in each room using this custom node and then you group elements and get room number parameter. See below workflow for more information, make sure you set lacing to longest as shown. Good Luck!


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Hi, thanks to all.