To set host parameter in doors families

Hello, Good morning
I have created a shared parameter called “host” for doors in Revit ( it is a instance parameter) , to input the name of wall where the doors are hosted. In the future i would like to export this model to Navisworks and use it to create some search sets based on it, etc-.
So, I created a script in Dynamo that extract the doors from project,… then extract their “host” parameter,… then extract the name of the type of those hosts, and now I´m trying to set this host type name ( name of walls type ) to the created shared parameter In Revit wich I mentioned before, but when I run the script nothing seems to work.
Also, the script gave me a warning wich sound like this:
“The parameter’s storage type is not an element”.
Please help!


Add Element.Name node.

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Dear @Kulkul,
Your indication seems to work perfectly

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