Use Dynamo to select all walls of a particular type

Hi all

Another basic question but I don’t completely get it yet.

I’m working in Revit 2014. I want to dynamo to select all walls of a certain type only so that i can join them all together.

any help would be appreciated.




I believe that the easiest way to collect all walls of a certain type, is with Clockwork’s “All Elements of Family Type (Universal)” node:


As for the joining part, there are already some examples on manipulating the wall joins at the wall ends.

You’ll need to use a different method tho:

So a custom node is needed…I don’t feel like i’m missing the point completely now.

For the wall joining, it’s not quite a wall join. I’m using a 3mm thick wall as wall vinyl, so once I want to join the wall vinyl to the main plasterboard wall. This will then cut out the door openings, and others.

Thanks for the info though.