Collecting one type element in one level

Hi all!
I’m experiencing dynamo and I dont know the followings:

  1. Select all walls on a specific level (e.g. Level 1)
  2. Set all walls analytical model top line’s alignment method to “Projection”
  3. Top y projection to Level 2

I would be very appreciated if someone could help me, because I tried and dont know how to access these options. The only thing I can do is to select ONE element from the model.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:. Can you send some illustration of your attempts? (use DropBox or similar if you can’t directly). Please see also this page for further useful forum guidelines:

Sorry for this. I mean I collect all elements of one level and want to filter only the analytical walls.

This would be a more appropriate title, don’t you think?.. :slight_smile:

I changed it :slight_smile:
Sorry, I’m rather new to this (really)

Hi @Ricsey

Analytical walls has there own category. And then you can filter those by levels.

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There is also a node called Element.FilterByLevel in the Chynamo package…

I’m very happy and grateful for helping me, thank you everyone!
Here is my state, I definetly have walls on each level but my code doesn’t find the analytical walls

And I tried another method. I see only walls found on the level but where are the analytical walls?

It seems that either structural walls or analytical walls don’t have any level parameter accessible in Dynamo. This should be checked but if true, you could use some kind of boundingbox selection method instead, like so:

Room.FilterByLevel and RoomExportSolid are from Chynamo

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