Select *All* Model Elements Automatically (Without Using Select Model Elements Node)

Ok, so I posted this basic question yesterday, and thought I fixed it so the thread was deleted.

How do I select all elements in the model without using the select model elements node? I want the software to read what I’ve modeled in real time without me having to refresh it.

How is this accomplished?

I seem to only be able to grab model elements, families, categories, or types.

I just want to grab it all and then organize them using their category or type key or something in one giant list. But how do I select all without having to physically select it in the model?

Try to use Spring.Collector.AllElementsInView and feed it a 3D-view with all catagories visible.

Spring nodes package

It is no easy way to get absolutely all elements in a Revit model because you often end up with too much (all kinds of internal elements)

This has been discussed a lot of times… there is a longer discussion in this post.

I ended up coding a node that take the categories a user defines in a list, it is a part of “DanEDU Dynamo” package.

Element Type - Family -> All Elements of Type also works.

In practice I find it is usually better to name all the categories you want in a list and then get all. Its more effort to filter out all the crap you dont need…

Hi, I’m new to Dynamo.
I have a CAD file that contains locations of elements where I need to locate my revit families.
Until now I have to do that handly and that takes a lot of my time.
Does anyone know how i can select those points from CAD in revit (Dynamo) and take their position to import
and locate my families.

There is a Youtube to get all elements in a model
Get All Elements in A Model