Select Model Elements by Name

Hello friends, I am creating an algorithm with dynamo in which I extract the name of the excel family and select the element automatically in Revit. I already solved the problem of extracting from excel (very easy) and organizing the data. Now comes the challenge of selecting the element by its name with python.

Does anyone have a tip which way to go? thank you!

Hi @ggiovani
You could get all families with FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(Family) and then iterate through it and fetch the families that have the name you’re looking for. You’ll get better performance if you can add a category filter to your search.



Sorry if I misunderstood, but there’s a Springs node, ‘Select In Revit’… is that what you’re wanting to do?



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@Mark.Ackerley That can be the last node in the graph :slight_smile:
its very interesting to have have selection method data-wise.
so people with different skils (no Revit) can join in in a BIM process