Sectionbox.byelements not working

I had a long script using this node working for a long time until it just stopped working. I tried to trouble shoot it by just chopping the graph down to the bare bones. But I still cant get it to work. Im trying it in this picture with a direct shape, but Ive also tried it with walls and generic models. Any one else having this issue? any one know what the problem is? Thanks!

Never seen the berger package. But here is how to do it with the Rhythm node you have installed.

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Haha, that is actually a package of mine! From 2014 and version 0.7.1 or something. Please follow @john_pierson sage advice and use the Rhythm package instead. Good to see that the error message still work anyways.


@jostein_olsen, I was wondering what that was! :smile: