Element.geometery NOT WORKING

Ok does anyone have any Idea why the element.geometry node might stop working? yesterday I noticed this phenomenon I another script and I wanted to see if I could isolate it because I couldn’t believe it. But here you go, two families, all of which are the EXACT same family, are sometimes coming up as their geometry and sometimes coming up as null. Now this blows my mind. How in the world is that possible?? and how come no one else on this forum has seemed to have run into this issue? I have a huge deadline tomorrow, and this anomaly is occurring at the very beginning of my script and screwing the whole thing up and it is unbelievably frustrating because I cannot see any reason the results should (or could) be different.
Please advise. Also please send another node idea or code if you think it might work better.

Don’t know about the error, but a node idea could be the Element.Geometry+ from clockwork:

Any chance those elements are detail elements?

No that one doesnt work either. Please see below
No they are 3D elements from the manufacturer.

Can you share the rfa?

No problem! there are actually two of them. Both are attached.lr85.rfa (712 KB)
ll85.rfa (708 KB)

You might need to share the rvt as well - or at least the part that includes these elements. I’m not having any luck in a test model.

the model is huge. Is there a way to only share a part of it? The only thing i can think of is to copy them to a project template, but that might remove the cause incident. Any suggestions?

…And for the record, if you are getting the geometry to show up, then please remember so am I. The problem is SOME of the time it is not showing up. Try copying them around the model and space them really far apart. Maybe then you will have better luck?

…Also try rotating them at weird angles and stuff

You would have to copy them to a blank project or strip it down as much as possible.

I’ve tried changing parameters, moving, rotating, etc and I haven’t had any luck. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to replicate the issue without your model.

it says its too big to upload. can you give me your email address? I can wetransfer it to you.

Are you able to replicate the problem with the model I sent you?

Element.Geometry is either crashing or hanging up my model. I haven’t been able to get any geometry yet.

yes, that sounds like the problem I am experiencing. It takes much longer when you select the ones that it cant find. But if you wait it out it should show up as null. There are a few ones that the geometry should work on in that model as well. There is just a few however. They are located in the lower left hand corner in reference to that picture I sent you. If you wan to see the contrast I am seeing.

Geometry working range by the sounds of it

Is there anyway to adjust geometry working range?

Reason I say this is your indication that this is a ‘big’ project. PM me a link and I can take a look at the end of my lunch.

I added you to the message with Nick so which has the picture of the model in it. Send me your email and I will wetransfer the test model to you.

@mix This is the same .rfa from this post, right? Element.geometry cad Are you using it in a different project? Also, when you created the nested family as Revit geometry, did you explode the CAD or did you model it? Strange issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow: