Section View by offset element line

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a script to automate the wall and beam elevation(section views).
Sorry, I know there is some previous post speaking about that. However, the solutions I have found require some custom nodes.

Is there any node that allows to create a section from a offset curved line?

I tryed with the SectionViewByCS.MinandMax point but I think I didn’t understand something.

Thank you in advance.



Thank you very much for the reply.

I have tried to analyze your script but due to the fact that I am relatively new in dynamo I have some difficulties to understand what kind of date I have to input in the node “SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMax”. I get an error but I do not understand why.
What does MinPoint and MaxPoint mean?
Could you clarify what the problem is or where I can find information about this?


Thanks for your help.

I have solved my problem. I have been inspired by several forums to solve it. However, I have a very strange problem now.
When my scrip creates two new sections (longitudinal and transversal) it deletes the two previous that have already been created.

Any ideas?

ELEVATION_GENERATOR-test-walls.dyn (63.4 KB)

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