Creating SectionViews By Coordinate System

I’ve been working on a tool that can create wall sections accross all axis.
Everything is working except for 1 thing, and i can’t wrap my head around it…

When i make horizontal sections looking down into the wall there’s 1 situation where it just won’t generate a section view, that’s when the wall is parallel to the y-axis (so Vector.XAxis = 0). The following printscreens show that it’s alright to have the Vector.YAxis = 0, but not the XAxis.

It’s probably staring me right in the face… It would be much appreciated if someone can tell me what i’m doing wrong.

i was only allowed to post one picture, here’s the rest:


Its hard to tell with the information you provided. Can you show your larger graph and all inputs into hor - AdB_Sec…. Did you make this node as well? I have not seen it before.

Hey Steven,
Thanks for your reply.

  • The custom node is the normal SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint with the addition of a RunIt parameter. That way i can control if it should run or not from the user interface (because this script can do much more than make just this type of view).

  • You also asked to add a picture of the minPoint, maxPoint inputs, you can find the picture below. These 2 points form the ‘bounding box’ around the wall which the crop settings of the newly created section view is based on.

With all the pictures combined it shows that List index 5 and 11 don’t generate an output, both these walls follow a line vector that has Vector.X=0

Also something i could add, is that i use the same script and the same nodes to create both cross sectionviews and views alongside the length of the walls. For those views the script works great, it’s only with this type of sectionview something goes wrong.

Did you make the node though? Can you show what is happening on the inside?

Maybe you should try making floor plans when you want to create a section that looks down.

The custom node is not the problem, i’ve set up the below example with using only standard nodes.
I’ve created a 12 sides polygon of walls, to see under what angles the script doesn’t work, and as you can see in the below example it only doesn’t work when a wall is paralel to the Y-axis (so Vector.X=0), for all the walls under different angles on the XY-plane it creates the sectionview.

The yellow textbox only gives an “operation failed” error message

Its because your X and Z are both zero. The CS is used to define the sections plane but if there is no X or Z it cannot make one. I think this is how it works at least.

hmm, but then what about items 2 and 8 in the list? they both have the Y and Z vectors zero?

I was thinking the CS is a combination of the X and Y vector, and all other rotations work fine + from the screenshot you can see that they are aligned properly to the direction of the walls.