Create the slab through dynamo

Hi I’m a student and dynamo beginner.

I’m trying to extract the curves from cad file,and use it to build the slabs(the blue mark)
How can I complete it?

first of all, can you show us your curve output and what your yellow warning one the floor node is showing?

@viclalala, @jostein_olsen

I created a similar example below which may help you.

Sample files are below
CAD Drawing.dwg (31.8 KB) Though CAD link Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel.dyn (47.1 KB)

Hi thanks for your help.
The file you provided which has some problem, I couldn’t open dyn file after downloaded.
So I typed it again but it seems that some problems inside.
It must be the “List.Flatten”.
Can you explain it for me?

hi I will post it tomorrow. thanks