"Search returned no results" when installing Packages

Hello everyone, I am using the Revit 2019 student ver, Dynamo 2.0.3. I want to load some Package Library like Clockwork or archi-lab, but when searching these packages in Dynamo, I have a problem “Search returned no results”.
I downloaded these packages from https://www.dynamopackages.com/# and tried to manually install the packages by locating the files in AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.0\packages, but it still does not show in Dynamo.
I also tried to uninstall the Dynamo, restarted and reinstalled but it does not work.
Does anyone get the same problem, how to fix it?

This is likely an indication of your software needing a few updates. What is your current build, and have you applied all of the TLS updates noted here: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/downloads/caas/downloads/content/autodesk-transport-layer-security-updates-require-revit-security-fix.html


Thank you, it worked

im having the same problem but with dynamo sandbox 2.0.3, anyone knows what it can be?

Try the solution above and ensure that all updates are installed in the link above. Revit not being updates means you won’t have a working package search. If that doesn’t work start a new topic with a reference to this one, and include all your build numbers (Revit, Dynamo, licensing tool, etc) so we don’t send you down the same path again.

Hi Jacob.
I am also using 2019 student version and cant search any dynamo packages. I have tried installing these updates but to be honest I’m not sure at all that I’ve installed the correct updates and it hasn’t worked so I suspect its not. When I search for the Revit/LT 2019.2.1 Hot Fix I seem to go round in circles. Can you direct me where to find it and install it?

I go to manage.autodesk.com for my updates.

I tried downloading this one but im not sure they’re correct. Coudnt find anything else. Any ideas? i presume all you do is download them and then restart revit?

i also downloaded this one

Both of those and the Revit update are what is required.

Hey Jacob. Thanks for your help, unfortunaley no luck so far and am going to have clock off for now. Hopefully i can get to the bottom of this

Check with your school IT department as they may be able to confirm if there is a AV/ASW or firewall block in place.

Ive managed to find it and its working thankfully so thanks for that! Just one thing though if i may ask you. The packages im trying to download are saying my Dynamo is not current enough. They say i need 2.2.7, im using 2019 but dont actually know what version Dynamo is. Can update my Dynamo by downloading a newer version? Sorry for all the questions and thaks again.

Those are for Revit 2020.1. You’re on 2019, so you are capped at 2.0.3.

Ok, thanks

hi sammgking.
I have the same problem with downloading packages for 2019 student version, download and install updates but nothing.
How did you solve your download problem?

You really have to dig around in the updates to find the right one eventually got it. I think it’s actually under softwares- Revit 2019

I managed to install it thank you very much


Use this link to download one of the updates that you need

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