Online Package Search does't work

My package search manager doesn’t work. I have checked, it is not blocked by firewall. Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi Cezary,

Did you get any error message?

Usually it takes 2-3 minutes to load depends on the speed of the internet. I suggest you wait until it loads.


No, it doesn’t work. All the time I have message: "Search returned no results.

By online package search, do you mean the Website version or the built in search in Dynamo?

Website should work fine, regardless of Firewall, but if the built in Dynamo search isn’t working can pretty much guarantee its your security settings/restrictions. First thing is to try and reinstall Dynamo just to make sure theres no issues with the install. Then find out all the applications, sites etc you will need to add to your allowable list through your fitrewall and do so (im not sure exactly what you will need to add)

Worst case, just use the website. Sometimes it can be a real pain to configure firewall settings for this type of thing.

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I have the same problem when running dynamo in revit 2020, but it works fine if i open in revit 2019… not sure what is the problem and im still looking for this solution in the forum too

any luck?

My ‘online package search’ via Dynamo has worked fine for years, but in the last couple of weeks it doesn’t return any results…problematic.

Any thoughts?

package manager has switched over to use TLS 1.2 for better security -

update to the latest revit patches specified here.

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