Dynamo packages from Dynamo Manager

Hi all,
I try to download few packages from the dynamo manager but it doesn´t return any search…
I am using (Revit 2019.
Does anybody know what is the solution to this?

Thanks so much,

Likely your Revit is missing some required security updates. Which Revit build are you on? 2019.2.2 is current. You can also try to access the packages on the web directly: https://dynamopackages.com/.

Hi Jacob, thanks so much for your response.
I don’t actually know with build but I will find out it. I have downloaded the 2019 release from the Autodesk web, student version.

I have tried to download from it but for example the modelical package is not there…I would appreciate to have the manager working

Check manage.autodesk.com for updates.

If that doesn’t work the website certainly will. You may have to give it a few minutes based on your internet connection and location (it’s a live site so you may have to wait a few).

Thank you so so much, excellent answer.



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