I can search nothing at the "Online package search"

Hello everyone, I can’t search anyting here, but some days ago, i can… So who know why? Thank you and waiting for reply.

Is this in Dynamo sandbox or Dynamo Revit or using the package manager website?

If in Dynamo for Revit are your Revit updates installed and current? If not get updated and try again as there are several required security updates (I believe the most recent was last fall) which are required for package manager access.

What version of Dynamo? What version of Revit?

Do you ever see anything, or is it just not results returned right away, or blank? Of blank it make be taking a minute to ‘ping’ as the listing needs to cache locally, and if ‘no results’ shows up right away you may need to restart the CPU to clear a bad cache.

Can you see any results on https://dynamopackages.com/?