Script wont run, multiple scripts

Hi All

So I have copies of the same script in one work page. Issue is when you run it the first one runs fine and the rest do nothing. So Its only working for 1. Rest of them nothing is happening

bearing-sheet.dyn (289.4 KB)

I have uploaded the file to get a clearer picture

Hi @technitutors,

It seems like your code block is missing an input for “bearing13”, that is also why the top bar is greyed out. Please attach some error messages after the graph has been run.

Also could you share a Revit file if this doenst solve the problem? Because when i use the Element.GetLocation node i get a point output, which always errors the Curve.Length input


found a solution. Trick is to do it via category then sheet
bearing-tile.dyn (23.6 KB)

trick is to do it by view