Script stopped working everything now returns null :/

I was in the process of making a script for creating sheets and views. It worked a while back, but now it just returns null. When you click run - it immediately says that its complete. The console also doesn’t say anything helpful. I’m at a complete loss, and never had this happen across the hundred scripts I’ve made over the last 4 years of dynamo use. Luckily this script wasn’t deployed to my firm or in use yet.

Here is what i tried to fix it:
-Tried it on multiple machines.
-Tried on multiple models (usually it was just the blank template)
-Updated all the packages and made sure that the nodes in the script were all using the new versions
-I tried deleting chunks of the script and sometimes it may actually appear to run, but its not consistent enough for me to zero in on what may be causing the issue. for example sometimes a node not connected to the rest of the script would run, but them it might stop…regardless if its connected to the rest of the graph. it wasn’t consistent.

I know this is a little vague, so I’ll gladly provide any info that may help figure this out. I wasn’t sure what would be helpful for troubleshooting, so just let me know what would help.

Hard to give suggestions without seeing your graph. Can you send a screenshot with all the previews turned on?

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See image. Don’t judge on the mess, its a work in progress :slight_smile:
(There also might be some junk in there from me troubleshooting that i haven’t cleaned up yet.)

Everything is null even though its been run.

I had to break the image into 3 parts so it would upload…

Can you create that directory from a brand new blank Dynamo session? If that works, you might try copy/pasting your graph into a new session bit by bit to see if anything fails. It could just be a corrupt dyn or it could be a conflicting package or add-in.

start freezing sections of the graph, make sure you’re not in manual mode(or if you are - you’re actually running when you think you are).

if this is Revit, you could try clearing out the bindings section of the .dyn file with a text editor - make a backup first.

If the Datashapes UI isn’t triggering the issue is upstream from that. Replace the first node in the chain (the string showing the path) and see if the next node in the sequence runs. Do this in chunks until all nodes execute.

As you’re aware, simplifying and cleaning up the graph is a step which will soon be a ‘must do’ soon, so I’d perform that in conjunction with this work.

This helped me identify the issue. I previously tried both deleting chunks of the script, and freezing chunks of the script, but that never worked. By copying specific chunks of the script and pasting into a blank session, I was able to identify a single node that when not copied in, allowed the script to run. I haven’t had much time the last few days, so I’m not 100% confident that its fixed, but at least I identified the issue.

BTW: It was a single [Scope If] node.

Ah. Be careful with ScopeIf. It’s one of the only times you can force part of a graph not to run and is meant for use inside custom nodes. If you’re using it in your main graph then you’re probably going about it the wrong way.