Error running script in dynamo player

Tried to run my script but I get this error ?

Suggest a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

are you using a daily build of Dynamo, or did this graph come from a daily build of dynamo?
please post your file, my guess is that it is in JSON.

@Bzz fyi

Hi @Arun_Prakash Looks that there is a crash when reading the file. Might be an older version of the script. Can you open the file in recent Dynamo that comes with the Player ? If yes, try to save it and then run it again using player.

I get that error when I don’t first start dynamo to pick which version I want to use. I have both 1.3 & 2.1 on my machine and if I just start the Dynamo Player and try to run a script it just sits there till I click in the Revit model then I get an error like above.

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