Script to update shared parameter value of multiple families available?

I have a set a revit families in one folder with a same shared parameter present in all families.I want to update the shared parameter value in each family with different values.Is anybody aware of existing scripts to do the same.

NO. You have to make at least a first effort and you have to ask if/where it goes wrong and explain that,
After that you’ll get all the help you need.


At the least you’l need an excel table with the typeparameter for rowcolumn to get values. Dynamo aint a mind reader so you’ll need to give it the data.

The orchid package has nodes for these types of things, so i suggest downloading that package from the erfajo github and beginning there.

As marcel said, you’ have more luck getting help if you develop a script for review.


sure…Developing it…Will post Update

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thanks…Developing it…Will post Update

@GavinCrump @Marcel_Rijsmus Here is the script I have developed…Something is wrong while adding value to shared parameter.both the families are updated with a value of 1000.

02_Set Parameter value to Multiple Families.dyn (33.6 KB)
Dynamo 2.0.4

I can rarely get Orchid to work across multiple background documents and multiple fields unless I use list cycles and repeated items to force the data into parallel sets. This should work in principle, but I’m sure there’s a way to do it with the right combination of list levels.

02_Set Parameter value to Multiple Families.dyn (24.1 KB)


it has to do with lacing options or your input list structure
check out @erfajo samples here OrchidForDynamo/Samples at master · erfajo/OrchidForDynamo · GitHub
and look at the list structure and lacing applied on each node. You should get there

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great observation…It worked thanks :slightly_smiling_face: