Add shared parameters to multiple families using Orchid

Hello, I´m having some issues trying to add shared parameters to multiple families at the same time using Orchid. It works fine for the first item of the Directory Path, but the other documents show no changes in their shared parameters. I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong with the levels at the “SharedParameter.Add” node or what is the problem.

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Can you share the error of the node?

There is no problem with the node itself. Although there is an error, it appears every time I run that node to assign shared parameters to a single family, but it works ok anyway.

I haven’t used this node before but it might be worth asking…Should the “Read as strings” on your Data.ImportExcel node be set to true?

Ignore if stupid question.


which version are you using for Revit, Dynamo and Orchid package?