Script Creation of walls through the surface of the created floor

Hello guys, I’m a beginner in dynamo and I’m creating a script that consists of creating walls through the surface of the floor. But I would like the wall created to be on the inside of the floor, this being on the outside. Outside the floor. I wonder if anyone can give me a solution. Thanks

Try the Wall.Flip node from Clockwork package.

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Thanks for your help. But where do I specifically put the knot?

Connect it to the output of Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node.

Okay and where do I put the information I want the wall to be created on the inside? In the location line, finishing face: internal

It will be a bit strange, you can use Element.SetparameterByName node, but you have to use numbers, instead of the name of the location line. 0 is Wall Centerline, 1 is Core Centerline, etc, 5 is Core Face Interior:

Where will the Nold Select model element be linked in the script? In the case of creating walls


You could use the Wall ByCurveAndLevel node in Genius Loci package which already has a wall location and a wall flip inputs.

Wall ByCurveAndLevel


Something like this:

But please learn a bit more, or use Alban’s GeniusLoci package, if you can’t understand dynamo nodes yet.

Show, where do I specify what I want on the internal finishing face? In wall location?


Wall ByCurveAndLevel

I am unable to create the wall. Am I doing something wrong?

Add a List.Flatten after the Surface.PerimeterCurves node. The Wall ByCurveAndLevel node fails with a list of list.

I reproduced the script exactly as you did and it still went wrong. I do not understand why. What do I do in this situation?

Show the previews under the node and show a screenshot of your floor in Revit.
Does your floor have a slope ?

I created a floor and select it to create the walls. But it still isn’t workingprint

I see the error now. You’re using a string instead of a number.