Scrip with packages sometimes works, sometimes not

I’m having trouble with the sheet that I’m trying to create. Sometimes it works but most of the time this happens. The output of create assembly view schedule should be different, it should be more views with different names. The input to the node is correct but the output is “null”. On one computer the script seems to be working every time, on mine it works sometimes, and on another computer it doesn’t work at all. Mainly the script is stored on One drive but it works constantly for one of us and we have tried to run it on local files but that doesn’t change the outcome. Multiple packages stop working and they are not related to each other. The pictures show two nodes from different packages, one from synthesize and one from staircases. By that I rule out that there is something wrong with the package.
Does someone have any clue on what seems to be the problem and how to solve it? If it can’t be solved does someone know a workaround?

I’d suggest not drawing packages off cloud or network paths. Dynamo has a time it allows for packages to load to my understanding then it doesnt do it after an amount of time, so slower connections might not get packages loaded.

Suggest putting packages on local machines in default location and seeing if that helps.

This is very good advice. Also with cloud stuff files are marked in use (even if you don’t see it) all the time for infosec and file access points, causing issues with sharing. I struggled mightily with a colleague in preparing for AU thanks to this limitation of Windows - it wound up being easier for me to cpy everything locally, then paste over on the back end, which still resulted in long transfers between him and I (20 minutes to move on .dyf).

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I have to agree with @GavinCrump and @JacobSmall ,

However, for us putting our packages on a GitHub repository works great, since that isn’t always synced with the cloud, only when pushing or pulling the repo. With GitHub you can also easy manage write/download rights so that only the developers can actually change the contents of the packages.

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I have tried to have everything on the computer instead of on the cloud but it still shows the same error. I transfered the script, revit file and packages to c: but nothing changed. @GavinCrump and @JacobSmall if you have any other suggestions, please tell me.

Without seeing the full graph it’s hard to see what’s happening. Assuming this is the only graph failing, it’d be best to post a dataset and the graph. Otherwise the most I can do is guess.

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Hello, the issue has been solved and the reason it didn’t work was that my packages were on OneDrive. But if someone wants to try and solve it with the packages on OneDrive, it would be very helpful. Thank you for your suggestions and time.
Dynamo Forum.rvt (5.8 MB)
Dynamo Forum.dyn (33.6 KB)

I can almost guarantee the package check is timing out on OneDrive, I’m not sure this behavior in Dynamo can be supressed - keen to hear if so though. Generally local package storage is the most reliable option in my experience.