Using an existing script won't work

Hi everyone. I’m having trouble getting this pre-made script working even though I do have the latest packages required. It seems to be that maybe the specific node definitions are no longer included in this package perhaps? Or maybe they’ve been renamed…or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

To be specific, I’m trying to use this script: Exporting Panel Schedules to Revit to get my panel schedules into excel. However, even though I did add the “data-shapes” package, when I load the script it still says it’s missing a few node definitions (UI.FilePath Data, UI.Listview Data, UI.MultipleInputForm++).

Any ideas? Is it just not included anymore?

Hi there,

Have you change the Dynamo version?

Some nodes doesn’t work in the same way in Dynamo 2.0 than older versions.



Didn’t think that would be the issue, but updated my Dynamo and now it works! Thanks a lot for the tip. Would’ve never guessed this as the issue, and I had just assumed Dynamo would update on its own/with Revit.

Thanks again!!