Package installs for different versions of Revit

Hi I’m currently setting up packages on a network drive so all in the organization can access them. I’ve got this working based on the advice/information in this post:

I made the location a trusted site. Due to project requirements we use Revit versions 2020 to 2023.

Should I have a package file location for each version and install multiple versions of the package to these? Any advice on this would be most appreciated.

I think that would be the best approach since some packages are heavily Host version dependend and won’t work on other versions. However, keep in mind that scripts containing nodes from these packages probably need to be changed for every version and (probably) won’t work in others.

Plus since you are using multiple versions of Revit, and them upgrading to Python 3, it’s pretty much a forced issue.

Hi @staylor could you let me know what you mean by forced issue?


A slight warning from my side…

Don’t try to point all users to the same network location for their packages, it makes Dynamo extremely slow. Someone smarter here can explain why that’s happening, but I have tried for my company.

That said…
We have one network folder, containing all packages for all different revit versions:

A log-on script robocopies the content of these folders (packages and definitions) to the users AppData folder.

As i am the only one who’s developing Dynamo scripts, i decide what packages are placed on the network folder and every user has exactly the same versions. We do keep the scripts on the network location, thats not a problem for Dynamo.

Copying packages into the appdata folder for each user also ensures you dont have to alter the package path for everyone, for every version of revit.


What I mean by forced issue, is what @Daan was eluding to in his comment. Since the code is changing, some older packages will need to be updated to work in newer versions of Revit. The flip side is that once the packages have been updated, they may no longer work in older versions of Revit.

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